Chapter 1638: The Secret of the [Compass]「 It’s very troublesome to use this Hex, anyone who gets affected by it once would always be cautious of it, so there won’t be a next time 」the Dragon Ancestor breathed out some smoke and said.“In that case, we only have three days’ worth of time?” Gu Qing Sh

Chapter 2472: Dao Ancestors Joining Forces!Ye Yuan who was by the side was also dumbstruck with astonishment from listening.These two were actually father and son!“Shut up! I don’t believe you! I don’t believe a single word!” Heavenly Emperor Lastingjoy suddenly roared, trying to interrupt Medicine

Chapter 2035: Arrival of Ruan DongxiangLing Han exited the Black Tower with Guo Ming, and shouted, “You can all enter now.”“Brother Ming!” Liu Xueyan exclaimed as she immediately rushed in. She focused her gaze on Guo Ming, who was currently lying on the bed.After observing him for a brief moment, s

The current Yue Mengli was noble and glamorous, overlooking the world. She was akin to a fairy maiden who came down to the mortal world.Her aura was already completely different.That sort of nobility added a little more mystery to Yue Mengli’s peerless looks.“What a beautiful woman! Who is she? Does

Chapter 2474: A Feeling Called Despair!“This … Then with the current situation, isn’t it that we can only wait for death?” Ancestor Fire’s expression changed slightly as he said.Lin Chaotian said, “Not necessarily! No matter how great his talent is, wanting to take this last step is also not an easy

Chapter 2473: The Man on the Same Level as Heaven!“No! It’s still not right! Could it be that the way we’re studying is wrong?” Ancestor Fire said a little anxiously.Dao Ancestor Destruction frowned and said, “It’s impossible! In terms of comprehending Great Dao, who understands it better than us?”A

Chapter 1177: Hunting“Over here! Come quickly; I’ve found a rabbit hole!” Svetlana shouted excitedly. “My sister and I will smoke it out. You guys take aim and shoot.”However, after the waitress lit the cigarette, the rabbit did not come out. Then, just as she was feeling disappointed, she heard Zha

Chapter 2476: One-Man-Show!The power of moonlight enveloped heaven and earth.Those who were weak were already long unable to control themselves already, getting caught in an illusory realm and being unable to extricate themselves.This was limitless samsara!Although Yue Mengli’s move was not unleashe

Chapter 2495: Different PathOn the ancient peak, Ye Futian opened his eyes and saw the Light of Buddha flowing above the firmament. He could perceive that a horrible aura was currently brewing.“No!” Ye Futian immediately retracted his aura with a thought. In an instant, there was no aura leaking fro

Chapter 1179: The Final MissionAt that moment, the room became exceptionally quiet.Everyone knew all too well that tonight’s mission was a gamble. Scherbina was their last hope of completing the main mission.If there were no results even after they investigated him, they could still choose to leave

Zhang Heng followed Vesta’s instructions and slowed the car down. The gray Lada slowly rolled past Aunt Sauk’s door. Fortunately, the thing that everyone was worried about didn’t happen. The house was very quiet, and there was almost no movement.Although it wasn’t night yet, the sky had already star

Chapter 2497: Leaving Spirit MountainFor several months after Hua Jieyu’s departure, Ye Futian had been cultivating Buddhism with great concentration in Spirit Mountain. His aura was not exposed to the outside. He was quietly comprehending the Buddhist scriptures.He seemed to be a natural member of

Chapter 2496: Blowing of the WindHua Jieyu and Hua Qingqing both gave a slight nod, but they were a little worried. Ye Futian had been cultivating on Spirit Mountain for all these years, but they had never forgotten that there was still the existence of another threat.In the Western World of Buddhis

Chapter 1056: The Love in Her EyesGu Weiwei looked at herself in the mirror and looked at herself in satisfaction.Then she happily returned to her room and made a call to Fu Hanzheng.“Fu Hanzheng, where are you?”“I have a banquet with Yuhai Enterprise and I’m now on the way,” Fu Hanzheng said.“Got i

Chapter 2498: Mysterious Cultivator in TribulationIn Western Heaven, the telekinetic power of Saint Zhenchan shrouded the entire sacred land of the Western Heaven, but Ye Futian could no longer be found.This time was different from last time. Last time he was fooled by Ye Futian, who did not leave S

Chapter 1057: Because I Miss YouGu Weiwei did not want to waste time talking with him in front of everyone, so she put down the glass and went to the garden outside.The banquet was held in a club and since it was getting cold, the guests were indoors and there was no one in the garden outside.Standi

Chapter 1236: Black DragonAfterward, Gold Dragon Kemble and Gold Dragon April left the dragon temple with Abel.“Brother Kemble, how can I settle down here?” Abel was very jealous of the peace of this world. It would be a bad idea to have a home here.But of course, he wasn’t looking for a long-term s

Chapter 1188: Uncouth SecretaryWhile the two of them were fighting the Iron Soldiers, Happy struggled to look away from the rearview mirror and not think about the rustling in his ears, but he could still smell the woman’s perfume.This wasn’t any less stimulating than the humiliation he had suffered

Chapter 1023: Actually a Ruthless PersonWhat a terrifying might and battle intent. The two groups of people slowed their steps and looked at the culprit.A ray of light from a blade pierced through the night like a bolt of lightning, releasing tens of thousands of more rays of cold light. It was so b

Chapter 859: Less Important than a DogHuo Ci’s tears flowed uncontrollably. His eyes were red, and so was his face. After glaring at her, he passed the dog in his arms to her. “I’m not crying! I’m having an allergic reaction! Allergies!”Then, he sneezed a few times in a row. His face was red, and hi

Chapter 1750: This Is Awfully Delicious!Mag scooped up a spoonful of minced garlic sauce, and drizzled it on the oyster, and added a dash of chaotian pepper. The fragrance started wafting out.“Smells so good!” Irina’s eyes lit up. She watched as the beautifully decorated oyster cooked on the grill.

Chapter 978: GuardianAfter Shen Xi left the eastern pavilion, Lu Zhou no longer dwelled on the matter. He activated the Purple Glazed Ceramic and meditated upon the Heavenly Writing. He needed to replenish his supreme mystic power to confirm Yu Zhenghai and Yu Shangrong’s safety and their injuries.…

Chapter 977: The Runic PassageAs a master, Lu Zhou tended to underestimate his disciples. It was just like how in the eyes of the older generation, the younger children would always seem like children no matter how old they had grown. Therefore, he would always remind himself to have more confidence

Chapter 572: Isn’t That Fu Zhi On The Video Call?It was 6:00 pm when Fu Zhi received the “emergency” invitation, and she lifted her eyebrows slightly in surprise when she saw the title of the text message.[Title: We need your help!Level of mission: SSSRewards: 5 millionContent: Challenge the most da

Chapter 571: Let The Captain Of The 8th Division Fight With Fu ZhiShen Cizhou fell silent for a moment. Then, he gave Fu Zhi a hug. He did not have a brother, so he could not understand the kinship between Fu Zhi and Ye Jiu. He just thought of comforting her because he felt she was sad.Fu Zhi lifted

Chapter 570: Saving Ye JiuTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThe man in front of them was wearing a white shirt and a black hat. He was now standing against the light, and nobody could see his face clearly.He pointed the gun at Aurora, who was going to extract Y

Chapter 1130: Used All His Trump CardsFrom the Nine-sworded Ruler’s perspective, Ou Yangming’s potential was even greater, which was why he had chosen to kill him first!“Be careful!” The sword-light came too quickly, and Du Xie hurriedly shouted.He was worried about Ou Yangming’s safety but at this

Chapter 1131: IdeaThe Nine-sworded Ruler’s strength was astonishing, and his sword techniques were even more terrifying. One sword strike could break mountains and rivers.With a rumble, the ground split, and the mountains collapsed.The Big Nine Heavens and Ten Earth Sacrificial Blood Formation, whic

The supply line was known as the lifeline because if it got destroyed, more than a 100,000 soldiers at the front line would get plunged into starvation.No matter how brave the soldiers were or how great their commander’s military expertise was, once they ran out of food, it would be a terrifying eve

Chapter 246: The Third Crock of Gold 2 It was very fast and swift. Out of everyone’s expectations, they landed on the target at the same time. Qi Qingyao looked at the arrow at the bull’s eye calmly and thought, ‘How lucky that it landed on the target.” However, the surrounding audience were all s

Chapter 247: The Third Crock of Gold 3 After that, she walked out, taking big steps. Pei Fengtang had not wanted to stay for too long, and he was afraid that something might happen, so he bowed to Old Man Jiang, bidding him goodbye. “Master Jiang, I feel a bit unwell, so I’ll take my leave now.” O

Chapter 332: Pursuing Tan Mo “I said that that was not the case, and he did not believe me. He was insistent that I didn’t like him because I liked someone else,” Tan Mo said angrily. “But I purely do not like him. Just because I don’t like him, must the reason be that I like someone else?” “This We

Chapter 331: Wei Zhiqian the Fool Qin Muye puffed out her cheeks. She was angry! Ming Yeqing smiled and picked out a piece of yam with blueberries for her. “You like this too.” “Yes!” Qin Muye immediately smiled again. “You really understand me.” “Yam paste is soft and smooth, and with the blueber

Chapter 333: Someone Has Eyes on Mo Mo “Yes, the young lady is pretty, intelligent, and her personality is also sweet. Previously when she was under age, I naturally didn’t dare to show my interest as that would have been inappropriate. However, now that Tan Mo is of age, then I can hope to pursue T

Chapter 167: Gifts Her With a Ski Resort Mu Xiao came running after them from behind. The moment she climbed up the slope, she saw Li Ming rolling on the ground, so she anxiously told the bodyguards to help Li Ming. “Ming, are you alright?” Mu Xiao’s eyes brimmed with concern. However, Li Ming evade

Chapter 544: Tension Between Swords Klein sighed softly in his heart. It seemed like he wouldn’t be able to communicate with the other party using normal methods. He had originally wanted to point out the other party’s identity. It would be best if they could resolve this peacefully. He didn’t expec

Chapter 545: Meeting With the Demon King Gray asked, “Who is the person you wish to save?” Klein’s eyes lit up. Upon hearing the other party’s answer, his emotions seemed to have eased up. Klein nodded and said, “She was brought back by Saxe some time ago. She’s a young girl. That person is my partn

Chapter 874: Deliberately Leaked Information “Yes, Meng Chao. Now it’s my turn to tell you, take it easy and don’t get excited.” Lu Siya said, “You should understand that the release of many structural contradictions and the comprehensive transformation of the strategic structure are imperative for

Chapter 876: Stay Away From Me In the night sky, one lightning bolt after another rained down like a raging fire. Lu Siya’s face was clouded by the lightning. She looked at Meng Chao calmly for a while. Then, she suddenly burst into laughter. “A second micro brain? Are you kidding me?” Shaking her

Chapter 875: Another Micro Brain “Perhaps, our attack was too fierce.” Lu Siya tried to explain, “First, the railway guns bombarded the area. Then, my grandfather and the others rushed into the monster’s lair. The mastermind didn’t have enough time to react. It didn’t have time to destroy its own br